Established in 2002, Kitambo Secondary School was created by Kakumu Welfare to educate all pupils that were transitioning from Kitambo Primary School to secondary education. As a result of this decision, the school is able to accommodate students who were admitted into other secondary schools, but couldn’t afford secondary school tuition and boarding fees. The Kakumu Welfare organization continues to govern the school through close collaboration with the principal, with the vision of elevating Kitambo Secondary School as a go-to secondary school for local boys and girls. 

Kitambo Secondary School has partnered with Angaza Center to introduce information technology students for both students and staff. The partnership has enabled Kitambo Secondary Teachers to undergo intensive training to equip them with the necessary skills to effectively educate their students. 

Their current technology lab has over 40 devices with online learning capabilities. The school has since integrated technology education into their curriculum.