Mwakijembe Secondary School is a public mixed boarding institution located in Vigurungani, Kinago, Kwale County. When the Mwakijembe Community donated 7.8 acres of land in 2011, the school only had 16 students enrolled in Form 1. The school was able to receive a provisional registration certificate in 2012, and by 2014, the school received full registration. This authorized the school to operate with a maximum of 160 students. In response to the increasing number of students, the school changed its enrollment status from a single stream to a three stream school. 

Since 2011, the school has grown from 60 students to over 300 students. The increase in enrollment rose significantly as a result of the building of a boarding wing in 2014 for female students. The school’s enrollment is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years, driven by several factors. Firstly, the addition of a second stream has enabled the accommodation of more students. Additionally, the government’s policy of 100% transition, aimed at ensuring all students progress to the next level of education, will contribute to substantial increase in enrollment. Mwakijembe’s commitment to enacting educational policies like Education for All (EFA) will further contribute to the growth of the school

Angaza Center Partnership

In late 2022, Mwakijembe Secondary School partnered with Angaza Center to establish an Information Communication Technology resource center for students and their community. As a result of this partnership, the school teachers have been fully trained on essential technology skills, a fully equipped computer lab with over 35 devices has been established with the ability to seat 40 students has been installed, the school has access to internet connectivity as well as online learning equipment.  This enables the school to provide technology classes for all of their students as well as their staff. Angaza Center firmly believes that this program will make a substantial impact on the future of these students’ academic and professional futures, creating opportunities for economic and social development.